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Perinatal/Maternity Massage Services

Active Peace Maternity & Massage offers outcall only Perinatal Massage services to Colorado Springs and surrounding area.

As a perinatal/maternity massage specialist, my focus and expertise is prenatal, postpartum, fertility massage, and massage during labor (along with massage doula services). I encourage you to experience the healing benefits of massage and incorporate bodywork into your wellness routine.

Perinatal Wellness Massage Packages

Commit to a Wellness Package and save! All sessions are brought to your home. 

Try the Maintenance Package to receive one massage per month for 6 months (not including labor massage) for $450 when paid in full or $80/mo.

Or try one of the specially curated packages based on where you are in your childbearing journey: Fertility (preconception), Prenatal, Postpartum.

  • Fertility Wellness Initial Package: $800

  • Prenatal Comfort & Wellness Packages: $400+

  • Postpartum Recovery Wellness Series: $910

  • Labor Facilitation/Massage during Labor: $150

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**Prices and Packages subject to change at any time.**

Reproductive/ Fertility Wellness

Fertility Massage, also known as infertility massage or reproductive massage, is a specialized massage therapy that aims to create a healthy environment and balance within the female reproductive system. Even if pregnancy is not your goal, this massage may bring comfort to other conditions of the ovo-uterine system.

Prenatal Comfort & Wellness

Prenatal massage is a specialized massage therapy that addresses the discomforts that come with changes pregnancy. Each trimester brings it's own challenges and adjustments as your baby grows. You can receive massage during any trimester, but there are certain risk factors that may indicated later or no massage at all.

Labor Facilitation Massage

Some call this an "induction" massage, but we can't start anything that isn't already happening. It may be more accurately referred to as "massage during early labor". If your body is already showing signs that labor is beginning, this massage may help move things along by aiding relaxation, reducing discomfort and feelings of anxiety, and possibly bring consistency to irregular labor surges.

Postpartum Recovery & Wellness

Postpartum massage is a specialized massage therapy that aims to promote healing in the 4th trimester. The focus of this massage is to rebalance the body and mind. Postpartum massage may aid in restoring core and pelvic integrity, reducing symptoms of postpartum depression, easing lingering pregnancy discomforts, and improving sleep, among a host of other benefits.

Your Questions Answered

What can I expect during Fertility Massage?

This is recommended to receive this regularly over a period of at least 3 months for the most benefit.

Fertility massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. It involves a combination of techniques, including: deep abdominal massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure, and myofascial release/pelvic rocking. This is done as a series of massages during each cycle (depending on if you are actively trying to conceive or not), with most sessions lasting at least 60 minutes.

We will begin each session a castor oil pack heated with stones or heat pack applied to the abdomen for 30 minutes, during which you'll receive system specific Reflexology and Acupressure, as well as a relaxing face and scalp massage. After the castor oil pack is removed, the manual techniques are applied specifically to abdomen, addressing the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, as well as the stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestines.

Are there times Fertility Massage should be avoided?

Fertility massage is beneficial anytime. However if you are actively trying to conceive, we will try to avoid massage after ovulation. We will also try avoid massage during actual menses if you do not become pregnant. In the event you do become pregnant, it is not recommended to receive any deep abdominal work during the first trimester, we will stick to light massage. Again, double-checking with your doctor first before receiving massage can be helpful.

How will I be positioned during prenatal massage?

While receiving a pregnancy massage, you are positioned on your side using bolsters and/or pillows to allow access to your back. Then you are positioned in a semi-reclined position so you can receive work on your belly and anything else that you would normally have massaged if lying flat. No matter the position, you will always remain properly draped except for the area being massaged.

When should Prenatal Massage be avoided?

Most normal low-risk pregnancies can receive massage with no problem. However if the pregnancy is high-risk or conditions such as pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, DVT, or severe edema are present, massage may not be advised. Women with any of these conditions will need a doctor's authorization before proceeding with massage, and even if none of the conditions exist, it is still a good idea to double-check with your doctor first.

When can I start receiving postpartum massage?

For mothers who delivered vaginally, you are able to receive postpartum massage as soon after you deliver your baby, as you are comfortable. Most women receive a postpartum massage within the first week or two after delivery. With cesarean birth, like most surgeries, it is best to wait 6 weeks before receiving bodywork. With clearance from your surgeon we may be able to perform a postpartum massage no earlier than four weeks post cesarean. 

Your baby and Nursing

It is recommended that you nurse or pump right before your massage to enhance your comfort and relaxation if planning to lay face down. If your newborn is fussy or would like to nurse while you are on the massage table, we can continue the massage in a side-lying position, allowing you to feed or comfort your child.

How will I be positioned for Postpartum Massage?

You can lie on your belly again! However, some women still may find it difficult to lay face down on the massage table due to the increased size of their breasts. In this case, we provide extra support cushioning under your chest to allow mothers to find lying face down to be a comfortable position to receive a postnatal massage. If that’s not comfortable for you, we can also use a side-lying position with pillows, which is also great for those healing from a cesarean birth and allowing baby on the table with you if it's time for feeding.

What if I'm not sure what I need?

FREE Initial Consultation available for anyone interested in this service, and will determine the best schedule for your individual goals.